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Unique composition and design of the heat exchanger is cost effective, efficient, uses little water, and heats the premises faster.

Convection heating is based on the flow of water through the heat exchanger. The amount of water influences many factors associated with heating efficiency, energy consumption and costs.

HEATMANN LABORATORY has designed ECO HEAT heat exchangers that are an important step in heating equipment evolution.

ECO HEAT heat exchangers are designed in a way that they would consume smaller amounts of water than the standard convectors. Laboratory experts designing the heat exchangers chose an improved metal alloy which carries heat faster and a reduced main pipe’s cross-section, both of which are exactly what had an impact on the decrease of water capacity.

ECO HEAT heat exchanger design has not changed from the classical heat exchanger. However, after changing the structural materials, main tube’s cross-section, as well as the layout and thickness of the heat exchanger’s aluminum plates, we achieved astounding results. According to HEATMANN LABORATORY estimates, we increased the heat efficiency up to 1.5 times.


Water capacity has a huge impact on the heating processes. ECO HEAT heat exchanger capacity reduction lowers the amount of water in the heating system. That is what influences heating with faster hot water circulation, and energy costs, which then result that less energy is needed to heat a smaller amount of water.



ECO HEAT heat exchangers basically took a huge step forward towards optimizing the heating process. This decision is eco-friendly and minimizes the heating costs by using a small amount of water and energy resources. An increase in efficiency also guarantees a notably faster heating of the premises.