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Unique product design ensures extremely high and rapid air circulation through the heat exchanger plates.


Developing MAX FLOW® technology our specialists have employed ECO HEAT heat exchangers which are characterized by their exceptional materials and architecture that increases the heat efficiency up to 1.5 times. 

During construction testing scientists have discovered the most efficient design which ensures highest air permeability in a convection heating device. The construction of heat exchanger itself, its position and size, allowed to develop MAX FLOW® technology which enables faster air circulation between heat exchanger plates.


Therefore, due to MAX FLOW® technology the premises warm up faster and the thermal energy is used in a more effective manner. This solution decreases time lapse required to reach the needed temperature. This thus guarantees heating system to be dynamic; allowing the usage of heating the very moment it is in need.

The special construction enabled most convectors to be diminished in size. After adapting this solution, now we can manufacture smaller convectors with the same efficiency which means, that heating system will take considerably less space.


MAX FLOW® construction is another effective solution developed by HEATMANN LABORATORY and used in all of the company's products; therefore, they are of especially high efficiency.